Best way to a healthy physique

Health is wealth. If you have ever fallen ill, you would have realized this, the hard way. Most of the time it is the food that we eat which makes us unwell. This being said, it does not have to be spoiled food which will cause salmonella.

How does food play a role?

Human bodies are biological machines. When the raw materials are fed in to a machine a final product comes out from it. If you feed wrong raw materials, you get an erroneous final product. Similarly, if you eat the right things maintaining your body in the healthy manner is not hard. The “right things” include a lot of greens for vitamins and high fibre food Singapore, some proteins and a bit of carbohydrates and fat. However, we are accustomed to eating a lot of carbohydrates and sugar, which will result in the same final product and huge amounts of fat. What happens when you put a bit of cocoa and exceeding amounts of batter in to a machine which produces chocolates? A pulp of batter will come out with nary a chocolate taste. Same as that, if you eat exactly the opposite way than what is needed, your body will simply look like a sack with no shape.

Diseases caused by food

There are two types of diseases, communicable and non-communicable. Most of the people die from non-communicable diseases; these include cardiovascular diseases- such as heart failures due to cardiac arrest commonly caused by a heart attack, which means blood flow to the heart is blocked, diabetes psychological illnesses, cancer and chronic respiratory diseases. It has been calculated that over the next two decades, these will cause an expense of $47 Trillion worldwide. That is a huge a sum of money which can be used for education, sustainable development, environmental protection and so much more. And to think, some of these diseases – especially heart issues – can be prevented by changing what we eat, it hurts to think why someone would not at least make an attempt to do it.

What can you do?

It is well known how much kids as well as grownups hate leafy vegetables. Nevertheless, it is not the only source which gives the required nutrients. You still have the opportunity to reduce the starchy food you eat per day, along with less sugar and fat. Fatty foods can be a real killer with their tendency to get stuck in blood vessels and cause all the heart issues. Worse yet, it could lead to psychological issues which is one of the big five diseases in the future world- as people always worry about “being seen as fat”.

It is still not too late! You can make a difference by changing your palette even today.


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