Reach the highest level of customer care

A smile says a lot about a person. It is part of the first impression someone is going to have about you. A smiling and pleasant person is an asset to any organisation where they can charm the clients and improve business. However, most of the time if your smile is fake, it is easy to be identified. Hence, when you smile it is important you do it from the bottom of your heart.

Cultivate a patient outlook

When we visit some businesses, especially places such as banks and department stores, sometimes we are faced with the unpleasant experience of talking to non-smiling, tired workers. It is true that they have been dealing with all sorts of customers, throughout the day. Nevertheless, it is your job to do that. If you want to become best in customer service, remember that each customer is different. Some may annoy you, but some may genuinely be in the dark about where a certain product is or what it is used for. The best way is to treat each one separately and not to take any of their disagreeable behavior personally. Patience is the key; if you are patient and quiet, even a person who is shouting at you may calm down and get ready to listen to you.

Practice that smile

Smiling is very important. It communicates a very significance message from one human being to another. Out of all the animals, only humans can express the idea of a “smile”. It is god’s greatest gift to us. So why not use it properly? The current generations are not very forward when it comes to making eye contact or being courteous; if you are a youngster, try it out one day. Treat someone with a smile, especially someone you do not know, maybe a worker in the train station. The results and how happy that person gets will surprise you. Similarly, the best thing you can treat a customer with is a smile. Even before you offer them a greeting, smile and then do it.

Present yourself professionally

It is also important that you do not over do the enthusiasm. Remember to dress properly and follow the right procedure in posture, greeting and other customer service tactics. If you feel like your smile is not that great due to bad teeth, you can opt for a safe dental surgery where things will not only be put right but also you will inherit a beautiful smile afterwards. If you have a uniform, wear it properly pressed. Always remember that you are the organisation; even if you are in a bad mood, you will have to forget it and face the customers with a positive attitude and a beautiful smile.

Smiling is a great exercise to work your facial muscles. Have you smiled today?


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